Assistance offered by Gedhus Consult includes:

Docking of ships and offshore units.  Consultancy or supervision in connection with scheduled and unplanned docking of ships and offshore units to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the specifications set out in requirements from the Classification Company and authorities.

Creation of document specifications. During the planning of docking, the company can provide assistance in connection with the creation of document specifications to ensure that the requirements from the Classification Company and authorities have been met. The work can take place at the shipping company’s offices, on board the ship, in the offshore unit or at my own premises, depending on the nature and scope of the task.

Supervision in connection with repairs, e.g. an accident or failure. The company can provide assistance in connection with the supervision of repairs, to ensure that the collaboration between the shipping company, Classification Company, authorities and insurance companies is efficient and free from any unnecessary issues.

Consultancy services in connection with the flagging of ships. In connection with flagging/re-flagging of ships, the company can provide assistance when it comes to contacting authorities and the preparation of specifications concerning the necessary works that must be conducted in connection with inspections relating to flag changes to ensure that the ship fulfils any national requirements that apply.

Project work (e.g. reforms and newbuilds). In connection with newbuilds and reforms or other projects, the company can provide assistance with the outlining of the project, involvement of classification companies and authorities, contact with shipyards/suppliers, obtaining bids and supervising the work.

As a consultant I can also act as the link between the shipping company and the contractor executing the work. I can also provide consultancy services in connection with planned reforms, repairs and engine replacements, etc. I can provide assistance with planning, contact with the authorities and any classification company, the preparation of specifications and supervision of the work.

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